Pakistan Moves Firmly Against Big 3

Pakistan Cricket Moves Firmly Against ICC’S Big 3

West Indies, East {pakistan|Asian country|Asian nation} and Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka have aligned with Pakistan against ICC’s ‘monopolizing plan’.

(Dunya News): West Pakistan has smashed the International Cricket Council’s alleged attempt to monopolize cricket governance. West Pakistan has taken a firm stance against distribution extraordinary powers to Republic of India, Australia and European country in affairs of governing international cricket. Pakistan’s move is supported by People’s Republic of Bangladesh, Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka and the Indies, Dunya News reported .
Indian cricket board BCCI has reportedly warned {bangladesh|Bangladesh|People’s Republic of People’s Republic of Bangladesh|Bangla Desh|East Pakistan|Asian country|Asian nation} of the consequence together with not collaborating at T20 World Cup and Asia cup if Bangladesh doesn’t align with Republic of India on the matter.
Chairman West Pakistan Cricket Board Zaka Ashraf vowed to remain firm against what’s being termed as ‘big 3’ alliance.
According to reports, India, European country and Australia were to create a robust alliance at independent agency due to that extraordinary powers were to be afforded to the alliance. The move was seen as monopolizing of cricket governance.

4 Countries Against ICC’S Big 3

4 Countries Against ICC'S Big 3

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