Umar Akmal Arrested For Violating Traffic Rules

Umar Akmal

LAHORE: Pakistan’s middle-order hitter Umar Akmal was inactive Sat for violating traffic rules, intrusive in government work and “scuffling” with a traffic official.

Police aforesaid the 23-year-old Akmal, whose brothers Kamran and Adnan conjointly play for Pakistan, didn’t stop at a stoplight within the industrial Firdous market space in Lahore, and later engaged in a very scuffle with a traffic lawman.

“Three wardens tried to prevent him once he profaned a stoplight however he didn’t. And once he finally stopped, he scuffled with a lawman and molding his uniform,” senior native police official.

“Umar is beneath arrest and a case has been filed against him.” Akmal is charged on 3 bailable counts and faces a case that could lead on up to a giant fine or six months in jail. Akmal denied the fees. “The lawman hit American state on my face and you’ll see the injuries,” he told reporters.

“I myself came to the station house with asking to regulate the wardens WHO misdemean with individuals and police have instead registered a case against American state.”

Akmal has thus far compete sixteen Tests, eighty nine one-day internationals and fifty two Twenty20 for Pakistan in a very career that began in 2009.

He is considered Pakistan’s most proficient hitter, however has did not live up to his potential attributable to his rashness in batting and approach.

He was born from the check aspect in 2011 however often plays restricted overs cricket.

Umar Akmal Arrested Video

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