Samiah Khan Astro Pictures
Pakistani Astrologer: With a career spanning over twenty years, the media considers Samiah Khan to be one in every of the Pakistan’s leading professional soothsayer.Samiah Khan, an expert soothsayer to the celebrities, has been active star divination and consulting people, couples, families and corporations professionally since 1990.

Samiah Khan Astro PicturesSamiah Khan Astro Pictures

Samiah Khan Predictions

Samiah Khan Predictions

Pakistani Celebrities: Predicted in Jan 1999 that the then government of Nawaz Sharif can come back to associate degree finish. eclipse in August 08, 1999 (when entire Karachi was in total darkness) the catalyst in dissolving the govt. and it absolutely was proven in October 1999.

Conditions kind of like those of 1947, this was foreseen in Nadia Khan Show, floods a serious disaster in Pakistan, folks of Pakistan can emerge as a nation.

Predicts on Jan 02, 2011 New Year’s predictions At Dunya Tv in Dunya twelve Bajay wherever Samiah Khan and Sharmila Farooqi were live from metropolis and Karachi severally, foreseen that variations can occur at intervals PPPP and a brand new forward block are going to be shaped, thus well-tried in today’s group discussion by sovereign Mahmood Qureshi in capital of Pakistan.

Samiah Khan Appeared on Samaa TV – “Subah Maaya kay Saath “ on 07 Muharrum and foreseen that eight, nine & ten Muharrum are going to be safe vis-a-vis security and law & order state of affairs are going to be in restraint. Some terrorists are going to be caught, same day within the evening a bunch of Lashkar e Jhangvi were caught with serious explosive material and Samaa Tv acknowledged repeatedly by showing the clippings in their news phase therefore endorsing what I foreseen earlier.

Samiah Khan Astrologer Contact Number: 0092 0302 4447771
Samiah Khan Astrologer Location in Lahore 54000 Pakistan.

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