Atif Aslam Wedding With Sara Bharwana

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One of the most popular celebrities of Pakistan and hearts throb of millions of girls, Atif Aslam, always keeps his relationship a mystery. However, his fans and those who keep a close eye on him continue to speculate things regarding Atif Aslam fiance, his girl friend or whatever.

Rumors of Atif Aslam engaged with a girl named Sara Bharwana , are NOT new. Various websites and online portals had  reported about the possible connection of Atif Aslam with a Lahore based girl, one year ago. But this news spread like fire when a mainstream news channel of Pakistan picked this news and broke it on its channel.

A correspondent of Dunya News reported confidently that Engagement of Atif Aslam and Sarah Bharwana was held in Lahore on 18th September 2011. Sara Bharwana, a Kinnaird college student had met with Atif Aslam on one of his shows in college, and from there both fell in love and agreed to get engaged later.

The story was revealed on channel, it created huge buzz, but later everyone had forgotten about it. Except some female fans of Atif Aslam, who started making and running fan pages like “we hate Sara Bharwana” and other such sort of pages.

Today, Sara Bharwana is being discussed and shared again on Social Media. The reason being some new photos of her are uploaded on Facebook by her acquaintance. Some people are also commenting, “they knew the girl in Kinnaird, she was active in sports, was not very beautiful but she had really good fashion sense” etc.

Now, hearing and reading this much about the alleged Atif Aslam fiance, one thinks why the superstar is making this girl, a real mystery. If there is something, he must reveal it and accept it confidently. Thinking that getting engaged can hurt your fan following is just an assumption. If that assumption was true, Ali Zafar could never remain a heart throb of girls, even after he had married his love and proudly showed her wife to everyone.

Atif Aslam With Sara Bharwana Shadi Pictures

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