Nov 052014

Nadia Hussain Baby Boy

Latest Celebrities News: Masha’Allah Allah has blessed us with a fine looking baby boy named SHERDAD MOHD KHAN. really ANother baby is one amongst Allah’s greatest creations and an amazing toy for the opposite youngsters. trying forward to a lot of crazy fun stuffed chaotic times to return ahead.

Sep 282014

Testimonial on New York

Today, Pakistanis showed that we tend to square measure a nation WHO has stood up and can attain freedom from these corrupt rulers. ne’er has their been such an outsized protest before of the world organization by Pakistanis and these days we tend to showed the planet that Overseas Pakistanis square measure a force.

Over 5000 individuals showed up at the protest and you may see the fervour in their eyes. we tend to all need a Naya Asian nation.

Due to huge pressure created by the protest, Nawaz Shareef decides to go away for Asian nation on the evening of twenty sixth Sep though his set up was to go away on the twenty seventh.

I saw individuals on wheelchairs, cancer patients, over ninety year recent uncles, families, young youngsters all coming back for one cause ‪#‎GoNawazGo‬. we’ve had enough of the established order and currently Asian nation has modified. Tabdeeli aa nahi rahi, Tabdeeli aa gayi hai!

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