Sharmila Farooqi and Journalist Ansar Abbasi Scandal

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Sharmila Farooqi says journalist Ansar Abbasi earlier demanding Rs 100 million from her for not publishing a story against her is now looking for an extra Rs 50 million through his ‘master friend’ in judiciary.

Ms Farooqi, reacting to Abbasi’s notice to defame him, said he should better stop blackmailing and defaming the people especially the politicians.

She said ‘blackmailer’ Abbasi had earlier demanded Rs 100 million from her for not writing a story against her. “Once I refused he launched a malicious campaign against me,” she said vowing to resist his blackmailing tactics at all forums.

In “Off The Record” talk show of Kashif Abbasi on July 17, Sharmila said Abbasi “is a corrupt and biased’ journalist as he had defamed this profession. “Abbasi is a top blackmailer and his rate is more that Rs 10 million,” she said.

“You are a Taliban and you should clean your inner dirt,” she advised him during the show.

Abbasi served Rs 150 million notice on SF asking her apologize or face the court.

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